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What Do Others Say About the Enlightenment Intensive?


What Others Say Enlightenment Intensive

It was the first time for me involved in an enlightenment/spirituality activity without any ‘beliefs/’religions’ attached to it. It was powerful yet very subtle. The dyad technique allows us to experience ‘something’ that we’ve been asking and looking for. I experienced the ‘AHA’ awareness in day one of the retreat!! I was amazed and grateful to what I experienced at that time. For me the most important thing is that I was able to be true and honest to myself and share this to others. Thank you Yoah!! Nugdha

Ahhhh…. This has been a beautiful breath of fresh, inspirational, vibrant, loving, peaceful ,purely life-giving air. Since my first Enlightenment Intensive in 2004 I have been in love with this technique and of the people who both facilitate and attend the retreats. I am filled with wonder at the depths to which the human spirit can explore and the phenomenal expanding heights to which it can soar, infinitely. For anyone who seeks to uncover their radiant truth I say, “Dive into the Enlightenment Intensive experience, it may change your life in ways you didn’t know possible.” I’m so excited to discover what else is possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Brenda McMorrow

The journey to one’s self is truly a wonderful experience. It’s beyond words. Steve

Contemplation on the question ‘who am I’ led me a long and full way to realising who I am.    I discovered many treasured facets of my total being.   I feel so fortunate and blessed to be the one to ask, ‘who am I?’   
I increased my power to open up and to love others without feeling embarrassed about it. Mary

I became conscious of embodying the divine energy of the Goddess.  Kate

This is my 3 days of love. Very opening. Truthful communication…more than I’ve ever experienced. I can communicative anything/everything, all about Me; purely. No fear, no criticism, honest. I felt the love ‘space’. As a listener, I learnt much about being a mirror, no judging, love and focus. Aswini

I've done many Buddhist meditation retreats over the last 30 years. This was my fist Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.  It won’t be my last. The retreat was great.   Jerry

I was in a dyad and I directly experienced who I am.   It was like I stumbled onto it.   It was completely unexpected. The whole thing took me by surprise.  I know who I am but I just didn't know that I knew. Lawrence

Who am I? I'm me. It was hidden and buried under who I am not.  I realised that I have to live life true to who I am.   I realised that my sense of self is always constant and present. I realised that who I am does not have a name and cannot be judged, measured or described and that it is always there. I realised that who I really am is love seeking expression interacting with another. And all that in 72 hours. Amazing!!!! John

I am aware of a greater ease in me with regards to intimacy, and a greater willingness to take risks in opening to intimacy with others. Amrita

Thanks so much for your wonderful caring presence.  Christy

Yoah and the staff provided a safe and loving environment that allowed me to trust and let go. Katie

I sat opposite my dyad partner after screaming and crying and yelling and crying and yelling for what seemed like ages. I was feeling the rush of my life force coursing through me and feeling fully opened in that moment to who I am. I was asked the question, “Tell me who you are.” I contemplated then said the funniest thing I have ever heard. I said, “I am conscious of my body and there is something in it. Oh it's me!” That simple statement seems like the most profound thing I have ever understood. I still cannot get over the whole hilarity and the truth in those three words. You see, it was me all along!!! I am right here. There's nothing else to say about it. Nowhere to go. It's me!! It's so frigen awesome! Judy

Thank you with all of my heart for giving me the tools and strength to pursue the amazing journey called "life". Handan

I'm leaving here completely whole and full with a sense of who I really am.   I'm celebrating life. Wynita

The most sincere thank you ever. It was a wonderful Enlightenment Intensive retreat. The meditation walk on the last morning truly made me fully realise the self and the whole day has been in the clouds of pure love. Lynn

While sitting in quiet contemplation on day four I finally surrendered all I was. My way of being, my meditation, my spiritual life, my whole being. Then suddenly I started laughing. What a joke! How funny! I was trying to find myself while all the time I was here and had been here all the time. Now I know myself. Anthony

It was fun, fascinating and way beyond words! Dee

One awesome process that I will definitely continue to do. Satyo

If there were 10 million words to write I could not express the width, depth, the completeness of the enlightenment experience. Yet the is not complete (finished) it continues on and on and on. My world is not my world anymore, my world is now that of quietness, whatever rises is what my world is, I watch it arise, observe it and realise it is not mine anyway, it is just a pattern that this body has learnt, otherwise I sit quietly and nothing happens, I am quiet. My friends have seen a new depth, quietness and wisdom in me.  I that I am not pushing my ideas, I speak from whatever arises predetermined thought and sharing that, allowing the listener interpret their own meaning. I will never be the same again. Thank you. Belinda

I find beauty and splendour in a technique that is so simple. Thank you Yoah for being a great teacher and facilitated us through the 3 day journey. I’d highly recommend this to anyone with interest on knowing themselves, getting reacquainted with themselves and those pursuing the spiritual path. Memi

Aaaaaahhhhhh, Pleasure, pleasure, such a pleasure. I'm still tingling. Brenda

I suggest you to participate in this program at least once in a year. You’ll enjoy the simplest and the most fascinating ways to find the truth about yourself. Enjoy the exciting journey to find your true self. Donna

I completed the three day Enlightenment Course conducted by Yoah in Bali. It was truly amazing experience. During the course, I felt that I understood more about myself. I was led to an awakening of energy within me, which made me feel like a big burden was lifted from my chest. It’s truly an incredible learning experience that I am going to benefit through out my life. Thank you Yoah. Peter

I have found myself. Heather

I’m an admirer of beauty in all it’s forms…. the beauty of a partner sitting across me. A beautiful being. I’m the love of my own honesty. I’m the love of all the courage to be me. I’m free now. Free from all fear that comes with my love. Free to express my deepest love, my femininity, my sensuality, my sexuality, truly without fear. I’m the lover of love. I’m love itself. What a retreat! It’s great pleasure to be here to experience myself so deep, without fear! What an enlightenment! Mari

The most inspirational emotion that arose in me was that we are all one! I had visions I never knew existed. A totally new beginning and spiritual journey! I feel like I have come home. Danesh

I received the gift of space and a clear mirror. Thank you for initiating me into the unknown. Truly a path of sacred sharing, love and truth. Reza

Great Appreciation
For each of you allowed me to enter into your life,
Into your breath,
Into your heart,
Into a holy communion and a
Holy matrimony of the soul.

Great Appreciation,
For each of you accepted me,
As I am
For who I am
And what I am.

Great Appreciation
For the invitation
To feast upon your holiness,
To drink deep of your truth,
Your wisdom
And your love.

Together we made manifest the Secret,
Together we brought what was hidden into the market place,
For all to See
For all to Feel
For all to Share.

And God smiled
For this celebration of divine life
Is God made manifest in the world.

Tonight, I’m setting the table for another Feast
Come share it with me in all that is
Good, Holy and Beautiful