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What are the Benefits Being Enlightened?

Being enlightened or knowing your self is its own reward.  It is its own self contained benefit. 

Being enlightened is a major factor in determining whether or not you are happy.  Happiness is knowing the purpose of your life and consciously overcoming the barriers to fulfill that purpose.  The key is that YOU, yourself, must be doing the overcoming of the barriers.  If it is a personality or a fake state of beingness or anything else you are confused with, YOU will not be genuinely happy and fulfilled.  Doing anything, or nothing, is a great joy, if it is the actual true YOU, who is doing it.  If you are conscious, by direct knowing, of who and what you are, you can act directly from YOU. You speak with honest authority and are not just relaying learned information or ideas.   It is a subjective state that is beyond doubt and beyond certainty.

What Do Others Say?

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Charles Berner (originator of the Enlightenment Intensive)

Just because you have reached one depth of enlightenment doesn’t mean that there aren’t more. You can go deeper and deeper to more and purer levels of consciousness. A direct consciousness of the Truth is itself. There’s nothing more to be done with it than that. It’s an absolute state and there’s no maybe about it. However, there are deeper levels where there is greater consciousness of other aspects of the Absolute. It is not that the deeper levels are any more absolute. They just include more of the Absolute itself. For example, even though you may have had a direct experience of who you are, well then what are you? Were you created by something? How long do you last? How old are you? What colour are you? How much do you weigh? Do you shine? Do you have a structure, form, pattern, shape? It is one thing to come up with intellectual answers to those questions and another thing to actually experience directly what it is that you are.

Normally a thorough “What am I?” enlightenment that is completely stable is what is normally accepted by a Zen master. But I feel that inasmuch as the direct experience of the Truth is enlightenment then it should be so acknowledged. A who-enlightenment is subjectively very important to a person because he finally has got just himself. But in terms of living, a what-enlightenment is more important because that is when you get to the de-identification of all other whats so that your actions in life are markedly changed. That is a very important stage. That is when you have got sorted out all the things you are not and you have a constant consciousness of what it is that you are.

David Hawkins  

Stop Being unenlightened!!

David R. Hawkins, MD, Phd

"You don't have to do anything to become Enlightened except stop being unenlightened. You Is What IS already! I Is? Yup, You Is!...How do I get Enlightened? Stop being unenlightened. It's simple!...

You're all that is! You're all that there can be! You're all that there ever was!...Why seek what is? What is already is! No point in chasing your tail. I want everyone to relax and be totally complete, satisfied and happy with just what you are this instant. So you don't have to seek Enlightenment at all. Stop seeking enlightenment! Give it up! Forget it!....

In between a peanut butter sandwich and a root bear is the whole Universe! When you eat that peanut butter and you wash it down with root bear, you've just experienced all that can be experienced of the wonderousness and the goodness of Enlightenment. That makes it pretty easy doesn't it? Therefore I want you to realize something. That what you want to happen has already happened, and your only problem is that you haven't recognized that it already is. It's not possible to exist and be conscious without being Enlightened. To see that you are ALL THAT IS! Nothing can exist other than That. You are All There Is, There is nothing else!..."

David R. Hawkins MD Phd.
"Most Valuable Qualities for a Spiritual Seeker" May 21, 2011 Lecture


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