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What Are The Benifits of the Enlightenment Intensive?

Being enlightened or knowing your self is its own reward.  It is its own self contained benefit. 

Doing anything, or nothing, is a great joy, if it is the actual true YOU, who is doing it.  If you are conscious, by direct knowing, of who and what you are, you can act directly from YOU. You speak with honest authority and are not just relaying learned information or ideas.   It is a subjective state that is beyond doubt and beyond certainty.


Are You Happy?

Being enlightened is a major factor in determining whether or not you are happy. 

Happiness is knowing the purpose of your life and consciously overcoming the barriers to fulfill that purpose.  The key is that YOU, yourself, must be doing the overcoming of the barriers.  If it is a personality or a fake state of beingness or anything else you are confused with, YOU will not be genuinely happy and fulfilled.