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About Yoah Wexler, PhD


Learn The Relating Dyad Practice

Knowing Your Self

Knowing Your Self is a book and down-loadable Audio Program that can be purchased from Amazon Books

The book teaches you how to do the self help and self reflective technique called the Relating Dyad Process. It also compiles over 100 contemplative dyad exercises that are divided into several self improvement programs that include: marriage and relationship, ethics and values, addictive behaviour, stress management, guilt and forgiveness, healing, enlightenment, personal development and spiritual growth.

The free down-loadable Audio Program has two tracks. Track 1 is an audio teaching on how to do the Relating Dyad Process. Track 2 is a 40 minute Gong Timer that sounds a bell every five minutes. The Gong Timer is used when dong the Relating Dyad Practice.

The Relating Dyad Practice was pioneered by Ava and Charles Berner in the 1960's and has become a foundation technique that is extensively used by therapists and workshop leaders in all areas of personal and spiritual growth. The Dyad Practice is used by individuals and couples to expand awareness of one's self and others while improving communication, listening and relating skills.

Yoah Wexler, PhD, a psychotherapist and meditation teacher began studying with Charles Berner in 1974 and has taught the Relating Dyad Practice to thousands of people.

About the Author
Yoah Wexler, PhD has been teaching, counseling and training others in the Relating Dyad Process for over 40 years. Yoah began his study with Charles Berner, the creator of the Enlightenment Intensive and the Relating Dyad Process at the Institute of Ability in 1974. He graduated from CSU San Diego in 1971 (BA) and  from the University for Humanistic Studies in 1980 (MA) and 1982 (PhD). His PhD doctoral dissertation involved a study of the stress reduction effects of hatha yoga. He conducts training courses on a variety of subjects including communication, meditation and enlightened living. He facilitates Enlightenment Intensive Retreats and spiritual transformation seminars. He is the author of several audio and video programs on self improvement, spiritual growth and meditation.


Here are some comments from people around the world
who have learned the Dyad Practice.

"Fantastic self improvement process. Yoah Wexler has written a wonderful book, very useful for self development, communication and relationship improvement.' Knowing Your Self ', a collection of 100 Self Awareness Exercises, is nicely presented and easy to read. It teaches you how to do a basic dyad process with a partner, and gives you a well thought out broad variety of 'themes' for dyads.

"The dyad is explained to be a communication exercise for two people with a formal structure to enable effective communicating, listening and understanding each other. Thus it addresses very skillfully one of the most problematic interpersonal dilemmas in this day and age. Applying this technique has brought clarity to relationship issues in my life, made it possible to talk about the seemingly impossible, and brought forth the trust and the courage to reveal myself to the other. It has helped me to know my self, and let others know me, to bridge the painful gap of separateness and move into union and oneness." Gitesha

"Yoah Wexler knows his stuff. I've know him more then 20 years, and have done a number of his programs and I have recommended him to my friends who have all appreciated the recommendation. He has done more research globally on 'knowing your self' then anyone. This Book and Audio work and are a valuable original tool in our search to be authentic. I recommend his work and suggest you connect with him on your journey." Andries Johannesen

“The Dyad Process saved my marriage.” Tim

“This process is the doorway into the Self.” Helen

"I learned this Dyad Communication Process from Yoah about 33 years ago. It saved my marriage. The essential skills of listening attentively without judgment and speaking the truth of the moment openly has allowed our relationship to continue to grow, strengthen and deepen as Patricia and I enter our 38th year together. I have taught this process to many people.

Yoah has done us all a great service by making this simple yet profoundly powerful process easily accessible. His explanation of the process is clear, straightforward, and inviting. And to have so many (100!) and varied dyad exercises in one small handy book is of incalculable value. The gong tape is really an important piece and I am glad he included that in the package. I highly encourage anyone interested in making real and direct contact with another and who wants to improve their ability to relate and know themselves to work with this material.
Enjoy. And thank you Yoah." Joseph Rubano

“Peace is within me. My search has ended in love. And I love the dyad practice.” Reza

“Looking into the eyes of another I found myself.“ Belinda