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Journal of Enlightenment 4

 THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment
May 2005  Volume 4      SELF Foundation,  Inc. Association        

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   What's Inside: 
  • Newlsetter Editor's Introduction 
  • Here's a follow up letter after an Enlightenment Intensive in Adelaide, Australia by  Jim.
  • Pen & Ink Calligraphyentitled, 
  • Our True Nature by zen master, Harada Shodo Roshi.  And his comments on "What is the meaning of our practice?" 
  Dear Friends of Enlightenment and Lovers of Truth,
Many months and several Enlightenment Intensives have come and gone since I last published the Journal of Enlightenment, Volume 3.   Some things pass away with time, but that which is eternal and never passes is what you and I are.  If you want conscious, direct knowledge of that which you are, an Enlightenment Intensive may be the pathway for you.  Enlightenment Intensives are facilitated around the world by many individuals. 

If you would like to facilitate Enlightenment Intensives or deepen your understanding of this pathway to Truth, consider taking the Accelerated Enlightenment Masters Training Course that I facilitate.  It is a 3 night and 2 day  Enlightenment Master Teacher Training course based upon the newly revised and rewritten, Enlightenment Masters Training Manual by Charles Berner and Mona Sosna.  It can be freely downloaded from the link below.

     with   love       Yoah Wexler

Enlightenment Master Teacher Training Course
Week end Training.  2 Days/3 Evenings.  Friday night, Saturday and Sunday
  •   If you would like to learn more about enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive process 
  •   If you are inspired to facilitate the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat 
  •   If you want to use the process in your professional practise 
  •   Or if you want a deeper understanding of the enlightenment process for your own personal growth 
  •   This accelerated Enlightenment Master Teacher Training Course may be for you. 
  What you will learn:
  •  What enlightenment is and is not.
  •  The psychology and metaphysics of enlightenment. 
  •  How to guide others through the barriers to enlightenment.
  •  How to recognize the enlightened state.
  •  How to teach the Enlightenment Dyad Technique.
  •  How to communication and understanding accelerates the enlightenment process.
  •  How to facilitate the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat. 
  •  How to organize and promote the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.
  •  How to create a livelihood in harmony with your True Self.
  •  How to consciously, directly know your True Self.
  •  How to live in harmony with your True Self.
  •   Who Am I             And much more.
The Accelerated Training includes:  Lectures, training drills, discussions, mini Enlightenment Intensives and consultation before, during and after you conduct your first Enlightenment Intensive .
How Long: 2 Days/3 Evenings.  Friday night, Saturday and Sunday 
Where & When:
Prerequisite:  Participation in at least one Enlightenment Intensive or Journey of Enlightenment. 
Contact:  For more complete details and a consultation to see if this Accelerated Enlightenment Masters Teachers Training Course is for you contact me by email at: info@selfoundation.com
How to do the Enlightenment Dyad Technique
from  Consciousness of Truth:  A Manual for the Enlightenment Intensive

1.  Position: Two individuals (not involved in trying to straighten out their relationship), both sitting on chairs or on the floor, a distance apart that is mutually acceptable to them.

2.  Instruction: One partner says directly to his partner ‘Tell me who you are’. The only other instruction to be used is, ‘Tell me what you are’.  Only the ‘Tell me’ form is to be used.

3.  Reception: He, the one who has just listened to the instruction, accepts the instruction from his partner.

4.  Contemplation: Having accepted the instruction, the contemplator sets out or intends to consciously, directly know, in this case, who he is.  He is to be open to a conscious, direct knowing of who he is, while keeping his intention to have conscious, direct knowledge of himself.  Help the participant to do the technique as well as he can and accept that; do not insist on perfection to start with; gradually work with him toward that. It is the master's job to gradually
teach and encourage the person to contemplate.

5.  Communication: He, the contemplator, is to communicate to his partner as well as he can whatever occurs in his consciousness as a direct result of contemplating.  He must use words plus any other method to communicate.

6.  Listening: His partner is to watch, listen and understand as well as he can.  He should say nothing, and should not nod, smile or evaluate his partner in any way.

The contemplating partner is to repeat steps four and five on his own, keeping a rough balance between time spent contemplating and communicating, until the five minute gong sounds.

7.  Acknowledgment: The listening partner then says to his partner, the contemplator, ‘Thank you’, or any other words that convey the same meaning as thank you, without putting a value judgment out, so that his partner is acknowledged for his response to the original instruction, number two above.

8.  The roles reverse: The former contemplator says to his partner, ‘Tell me who you are.’ Steps three to eight are repeated.

All errors consist of varying the technique, either by leaving out a step, doing it only partially, or doing something else instead.

Enlightenment Intensive
Melbourne, Australia
May 2005


(excerpts from the follow up letter to Melbourne, Australia EI, May 2005)

Dear Friends of Enlightenment and Lovers of Truth,

Thank you all for your dedication, efforts and persistence while attending and participating in the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.   The purpose of the Retreat is to awaken the direct and conscious knowing of your true self.

I call the effort of awakening to your true self the Master Game.  It has been played by countless individuals across time and in countries and cultures across the world from Greece to India and Arabia to Zanzibar.  It is not exclusive to any gender, religion, spiritual tradition, social rank or economic class. 

There are lots of 'games' to play and each has their own set of rules and aims that you can play while living out your life.     Some games are played for the attainment of material gains.   Games of victory and glory or fame or wealth.     Other games are played for more intangibles like beauty, art, knowledge, or the religious game of salvation. 

But the Game of Games is the Master Game.  And it is by far the most difficult game to play because it is the game that ends all games by aiming for complete conscious  self realization.   The successful completion of the Master Game awakens you from the illusion of game playing and the game itself.

The Master Game is the Olympic of Games.  It is the Enlightenment Game.   Mystics, alchemists, shamen, religious devotees, spiritual seekers, artists, poets and philosophers have played the Master Game.

Today we live in a renaissance of expanding interest in personal and spiritual growth and so the Master Game is played by ordinary folks, like you and me.  The best way to play the Master Game is with unwavering intention to know yourself, a big open heart, and an open mind.   Full on, open, receptive and no preconceived ideas.


Jim, South Australia, 2005 
commenting on his experiences from an Enllightenment Intensive in Adelaide, Australia

From the moment I walked through the front door, I became distinctly aware of an all surrounding feeling of dedication and commitment. It was as if the walls of the house were built out of it. .........

What stood out the most about the current participants was their conviction for Enlightenment. From my perspective, I observed ..... warriors for the truth picking up their swords and slicing their way through fear, emotion and illusion for a taste of purity.   What purity?   What I am referring to is the desire or the conviction for knowing the absolute essence, the core, the elixir or the foundation of the who or what you are.   What else is there to do?

Additionally, there was a general sense that participants were mostly working on a deep heart level. There was so much love being related and so much affection brought forth that it was almost like we were all beating in unison as the five chambers of one heart.

Even though this heart system was self-evident to me, I also noticed how each and every participant resisted and fought with resistance toward self and others in our attempt to align with the Truth. In this way, we celebrated our delights but also cried each others' tears.  We shared in these moments, not out of sympathy, but out of a compassionate wholeness.

Sometimes we might walk through life thinking that we need to know at least something tangible about others before we can love them.  We occasionally may even socialize in life believing that one day we might find that perfect guy or girl that we can fall in love with.  Well, from my perspective, here on this intensive, we came into contact with each other for 3 days and communicated ourselves to the point where we could no longer bear one more moment of separation between our souls.  Time and time again, the discovery is made that love knows no boundaries, needs no introductions and can not bear to discriminate.  This was the nature of our current intensive. 

If you want me to tell you the truth of who I am, 
stop saying, "Bull Shit" after everything I say!

by Joseph Rubano


Who is my mother, Who my father, 
When I am being created friend by friend?

I don't remember who I was without you. 
We have been tending sacred fires for a long time
We are wanderers, drawn by the light of those fires.

Surrounded by darkness, 
Emerging out of darkness, 
We enter into the sacred ceremony
    of each other's life. 
We sing, we dance, 
Humbled by the power 
Of each other's presence
   we pray.

We become prayers for each other. 
We sing praises to each other. 
And breath by breath, thought by thought,
   touch by touch, 
Music rises between us.

What I was, I am no longer.
Shaking with hope,  yielding to your hands
I stand trembling before you.

The Enlightenment Intensive Retreat 
was born of 3 spiritual traditions:
1)  a Zen Buddhist 'sesshin' aka an intensive meditation retreat, 

  2)  Ramana Maharshi's, 'Who Am I' Yoga contemplation 
3)  and the Enlightenment  Dyad Technique, a two person tantra-like contemplation and communication exercise 

 that focuses your attention upon a  'Who Am 'I Yoga meditation. 

Here we pay homage to the respected Zen tradition as taught by a modern Japanese Zen Master

Harada Shodo Roshi

Pen & Ink Calligraphy
by Zen Master Harada Shodo Roshi

   Ro Do Do Hie Reki Reki

radiance, bright, bright 
firm and sturdy,   -  our true nature

Harada Shodo Roshi

"What is the meaning of our practice?"

"I" am not doing practice/training.  My practice is to offer that pure, clear mind to society.  In order to clarify that clear mind, we do practice.

We cut our dualistic thoughts and all egoistic feelings in order to release their energy for realizing our true nature.  We don't cut our thoughts and feelings because they are bad or in order to become better people or to solve all our problems.  We just swallow them down completely without judgment, so that little by little we may realize that clear, pure mind to offer to all people suffering in society.  That quiet, pure heart is the only thing we can really offer to others.

This practice is very mysterious:  in shifting the focus from trying to solve one's own problems, to just swallowing them down in order to offer a clear mind to everyone we meet, little by little those very problems fade away.  This swallowing them down is not  a denial; it's a recognition and absorption of them on a totally different level. 
And a giving of ourselves to realizing that pure mind. 

Harada Shodo Roshi
Okayama, JAPAN

Table of Contents from  JOURNAL OF enlightenment , Volume 1, 2 and 3

Volume 1:
10 Principles for Achieving Peace of Mind
The Value of the Enlightenment Intensive 
Questhaven Participant Comments 
Don't Speak This To Anyone, a poem by Joseph Rubano

Volume 2
What is Enlightenment? 
The Relating Dyad Process
The 3 Paths to Self Improvement
The 3 Main Purposes to Dyads
How To Do The Relating Dyad Process; Dyad Examples; 
Go To The Edges, a poem by Joseph Rubano

Volume 3:
What is the Enlightenment Intensive?
Love Is A Burning Prayer, a poem by Cynthia Spillman;
Acknowledge fom Chapter 5 of Holistic Yoga Course

KNOWING YOUR SELF: 100 Self Awareness Exercises 
by Jack Wexler, PhD 

Book and CD 

The book has over 100 self awareness dyad exercises and a chapter describing how to do dyads. 

The CD has two tracks. 
Track 1 teaches how to do the Relating Dyad Exercise. 
Track 2 is a used for the Relating Dyad Exercises.  It is a gong sound that chimes a bell every five minutes signifying whose turn it is to self reflect and communicate and whose turn it is to listen. 

Book and CD :$25.00 + $5.00 p/h 
eBOOK only:  US$5.00

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by Jack Wexler, PhD

"I highly recommend this video survey of enlightenment. 
The content discussing and showing what Enlightenment is and what Enlightenment Intensive are is excellent and accurate." 
Charles Berner,  originator of the Enlightenment Intensive

Part One:
'What is Enlightenment?' explains what enlightenment is and explores what different people and different traditions have said about the experience.     

Part Two:
'What is the Enlightenment Intensive?' explores the origins and history of the Enlightenment Intensive 
and reveals the key principle that accelerates enlightenment experiences. 

DVD or Video PAL or NTSC   

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Go To The Edges
by Joseph Rubano
to order email: info@selffoundation.com