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THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment
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Archive of Past Volumes

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 1

Table of Contents
10 Principles for Achieving Peace of Mind
The Value of the Enlightenment Intensive 
Questhaven Participant Comments 
Don't Speak This To Anyone by Joseph Rubano

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 2

Table of Contents
What is Enlightenment? 
The Relating Dyad Process
The 3 Paths to Self Improvement
The 3 Main Purposes to Dyads
How To Do The Relating Dyad Process
Go To The Edges, a poem by Joseph Rubano

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 3

Table of Contents
What is the Enlightenment Intensive?
Love Is A Burning Prayer by Cynthia Spillman

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 4

Table of Contents
Editor's Introduction 
Enlightenment Masters Teacher Training Course   
How To Do The Enlightenment Dyad Technique 
Group Photo of Melbourne Enlightenment Intensive Retreat  
A letter by  Jim
Friend by Friend by Joseph Rubano
Pen & Ink Calligraph entitled, Our True Nature by zen master, Harada Shodo Roshi
And his comments on "What is the meaning of our practice?

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 5

Table of Contents
What does it take for the dreamer to wake from the dream?
Photos from Bali Enlightenment Retreat
Participant comments
Enlightenment Masters Teachers Training
Oldest Known Zen Poem
Appreciation & Gratitude
Love inspires song .....
Anahata Villas & Spa Resort
Infinite Possibilities by Brenda McMorrow

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 6

Table of Contents
Birthing a New Reality
The NEXT Enlightenment Master Teacher Training & Enlightenment Retreat
Yoga, Enlightenment & Self Enquiry
Participant's Journal: New Years Enlightenment Retreat 2008
Who Needs Enlightenment
Comments from Bali Enlightenment Retreat & Teacher Training
Faith in the Mind: zen poem
Love Inspires
A Charles Berner Tribute
Criticalness and Self Inspection

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 7

Table of Contents
1. Enlightenment Master Seminar: The Birth of an Idea
2. Origin of the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat Review
3. Being a Master Review
4. Cosmic Consciousness Concentration Exercise
5. Straight and Narrow is the Path. Waste No Time by Gitesha
6. Hawkins' Levels of Consciousness
7. Enlightenment Intensive Retreat Follow-Up Letter
8. Preparing for an Enlightenment Intensive Retreat
9. Being a Master by Charles Berner

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 8

Table of Contents
1. Yoah, Enlightenment and the First Enlightenment Intensive
2. Yon Kane talks about his experiences at the first Enlightenment Intensive, July 1-5, 1968
3. Origins of the Enlightenment Intensive
4 1968 Newsletter of the Institute of Ability: Enlightenment: Self and Life, New Technique Shortens Time by Factor of 100, Self Enlightenment by Charles Berner

THE JOURNAL OF enlightenment; Volume 9

Table of Contents
1. You Tube: The Practical Steps & Stages of Surrender Yoga Meditation
2. You Tube: Surrender Yoga Meditation: Frequently Asked Questions, Pt 1 & 2
3. You Tube: Origins of Yoga, Pt 1
4. Yama & Niyama Dyads
5. Science of Meditation Free Download
6. Natural Meditation Free Download
7. Surrender & Healing Workshop