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Enlightenment Intensive Master Training Course

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What is the Enlightenment Master Training?

The Enlightenment Master Training is an accelerated introductory teaching of the psychology, metaphysics and principles of enlightenment, the Enlightenment Dyad Communication Technique and the Enlightenment Intensive process. It integrates left brain knowledge based lectures and discussions with right brain, training drills and experiential exercises.

It is for people who want to learn to facilitate the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat or who want to integrate enlightenment and the Enlightenment Dyad process into their exisiting healing practices. It is also for those individuals who want to broaden their education in order to achieve greater personal insights and understanding about enlightenment and the Enlightenment Technique

The study materials, including audio, video and text documents for the Enlightenment Master Teacher Training will be sent to you as soon as you sign up for the course so you can begin your studies before the workshop begins. It also includes two advanced post Master Training on-Line Seminars.

What is the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat?

The Enlightenment Intensive Retreat is a few days of your life dedicated to cultivate and deepen the revelation of your True Self. People at Enlightenment Intensive Retreats discover they are the Source of Love and their hidden personal power. They dive deep into illumination and experiencing direct conscious awakening of their Self.

The Enlightenment Intensive is an opportunity to transform fear into love, darkness into light and ignorance into wisdom.  You learn and practice powerful 'who am I' self-enquiry yoga technique that combines honest communication with meditation. The retreat inspires deep self-realization in a safe and supportive environment of enlightenment, love and surrender.

What is the Enlightenment Intensive Monitor Training?

The Enlightenment Intensive Monitor Training is both for professionals and individuals who want to learn more about the barriers to enlightenment and how to overcome those barriers in order to help them selves and others. If you have taken the Enlightenment Master Training Course and facilitate Enlightenment Intensives or plan to do so, this training is an invaluable advanced resource that will increase your skills and abilities help others.
If you’ve taken an EI and climbed that mountain of enlightenment and want to help others, this training may be for you.

The Enlightenment Intensive Monitor Training teaches the fundamentals for helping people navigate through the myriad phenomena of body, mind, emotions and subtle energy that arise when sincerely seeking enlightenment at an Enlightenment Intensive Retreat in particular, and in life generally.

As a monitor on an Enlightenment Intensive you work closely with the Facilitator in helping guide participants on their journey of self discovery.

This short course intense training is of value for anyone interested in enlightenment if you want to:
… Become a better Enlightenment Intensive facilitator
… If you want to monitor at an Enlightenment Intensive
… Help people through the barriers to enlightenment
… Learn about the barriers and phenomena that arise on the journey to enlightenment and how to overcome them
… If you want to hold the ‘hold the space’ for awakening enlightenment in yourself and others

The Enlightenment Intensive Monitor Training is informative and practical. It is a combination of lectures, discussions and experiential exercises and drills. It also includes two advanced post EI Monitor Training on-Line Seminars.


Participant Comments

People new to the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat say the training ia a valuable introduction before launching into the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat. And people who have taken the Enlightenment Retreat say the Enlightenment Master Training is an inspiring teaching about enlightenment, the Enlightenment Dyad Communication Technique and the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat, in particular.

Yoah Wexler is one-who-Knows and he will match every drop of Devotion you can muster with a gallon of Compassion! The Master's training is an intensive and also intense. I have come across no other structured engagement that engineers such a profound environment for transmission.
Dr David Hiddlestone-Naith, OMD, LAc, USA

The Enlightenment Masters Training Course was a very powerful way of cutting deeper into the truth of me. This course imbued me with a stronger sense of self-knowing.
Jim, Australia

The Training was great for establishing the background of concepts and psychologies of enlightenment, communication and relating. The presentation, personal stories and experiences really helped to anchor the information. Devaki, USA
Yoah was an incredible inspiration....... I would race to the next training without a moments hesitation.
Stacey, Australia

Yoah, I was very moved by your authenticity, compassion and great sense of humor. You provided a safe and loving environment that allowed me to trust and let go.
Katie, Bali

The Enlightenment Master Training Course definitely opened me up .......    I look forward with fear and joy to mastering my first EI.
Orietta, Australia

"I found the Enlightenment Intensive a very loving and accepting place.   I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to discover the truth of themselves."
Alice, Australia

Thank you with all of my heart for giving me the tools and strength to pursue the amazing journey called "life".
Handan, Australia

How unexpected! The laughter bubbled up from somewhere deep inside, and just kept coming and coming. What a joy!
Jeff, USA

Aaaaaahhhhhh, Pleasure, pleasure, such a pleasure. I'm still tingling.
Brenda, Bali

It was fun, fascinating and way beyond words!
Dee, Bali




YoahWexler, PhD is a transpersonal psychologist and teacher of meditation and enlightened states of consciousness.  He has facilitated meditation and Enlightenment Intensive retreats for over 30 years in America, Australia, India and Bali.