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This is a collection of printed, audio and video teachings by Charles Berner, also known as Yogeshwar Muni.

Charles Berner and the Enlightenment Intensive

I first heard about Charles Berner in the fall of 1968. His dyad work and the Enlightenment Intensive was introduced to me and my circle of friends under the blue sunny sky and green grass lawns of San Diego State University.  We were, you might say, on the cutting radical edge of consciousness expansion and attending San Diego State University. I remember gathering together and doing a ‘who am I’ enlightenment dyad.

In about 1969 or so, one of my best friends studied with Charles Berner at his Institute of Ability in Lucerne Valley. The Institute was in the high desert foothills of the San Bernadino Mountains about 150 miles north east of Los Angeles. He spent three months there and did three Enlightenment Intensives. After he left the Institute he swore he’d never do another one. Forty years later and still best of friends he did another couple of Enlightenment Intensive that I facilitated about a year ago.

I did my first Enlightenment Intensive at the Institute of Ability in 1974. It was very difficult for me. But there was something about the people who were part of the Institute that I liked. I liked that they were all interested in spiritual growth and expanded states of consciousness. I liked that they were open, loving and accepting. And I liked the way Charles Berner could explain metaphysical principles. I remember thinking, “I don’t need to read books. I’ll just listen to him.” The day after the Enlightenment Intensive completed I asked if I could live at the Institute. “Yes,” was the answer and I moved in.