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This is a collection of writing on the subject of enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive.

2014 Annual Winter Enlightenment Intensive Who Am I,
Yoga and the Enlightenment Intensive
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2014 Annual Winter Enlightenment Intensive

A few days ago we brought to completion the 2014 Annual Winter Enlightenment Intensive held in Macclesfield, South Australia.  It was a fantastic Enlightenment Intensive with a dedicated and adept group of enlightenment contemplators. 

Though the formal and structured Enlightenment Intensive contemplations "Who Am I' and 'What Am I' ended with the completion of the Enlightenment Intensive, I am certain the effects of those  contemplations are still rippling and vibrating in the heart and soul, body and mind of not only those of us present at the Enlightenment Intensive but throughout the hills of South Australia and beyond. 

We are all connected by those contemplative and uplifting intentions for Truth.  The Butterfly Effect, known as the science of surprise, helps describe Chaos Theory which suggests that when a butterfly flaps its wings, 10,000 miles away old men stand up and shout with joy while young children stop their crying and laugh out loud. No one knows what effects their loving and focused intention has on our planetary well being.  But one thing for certain is that YOU and your life and how you live that life does make a difference not only to you but to your family, neighbours and society.

One of the poetic stanzas in the ancient Yogic scripture, the Bhakti Narada Sutras, declares:
"With tears streaming from their eyes and voices chocked with emotion, they declare their love for each other and in doing so they transform and uplift not only themselves but their family, their village, their country and their world..."   

No doubt, Narada, the author of the Bhakti Narada Sutras knew about the Butterfly Effect well before modern science put its name to it a thousand years later.

You make a difference.

Charles Berner, who originated and facilitated the first Enlightenment Intensive in the summer of 1968 said many times that after the Enlightenment Intensive you should direct your released energy into creative, supportive, righteous activities aimed at achieving your goals in a non-injurious way.  He encouraged people to take up one of the many practices for attaining worldly success and for achieving spiritual liberation.  The Enlightenment Intensive sits on the cusp of those two endeavours by releasing and freeing up your life energy.

Here's some suggestions for continuing your spiritual and personal growth.
1. Send me an email review of what you became conscious of about who and/or what you are. Send to yoah@selffoundation.com

2. The next Enlightenment Intensive is: 2015 Annual New Year Enlightenment Intensive; 28 December 2014 - 3 January 2015.

3. I've published three small but potent books (paper back or Kindle) to support your endeavours. Two of them are about Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive. The third is on the Dyad Practice and how you can use the Dyad Practice to improve your life.

The links are below.
Knowing Your Self: 100 Dyad Exercises for Awakening < http://www.amazon.com/dp/1490339434 >
Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive (Volume 1) < http://www.amazon.com/dp/1492267546 >
Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive (Volume 2) < http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFQKSQW >

4. Gitesha offers a weekly meditation and healing program at her home in Mitcham, Victoria, Australia as well as participation through internet radio. Contact her for more information : <gitesha@gitesha.net>


Who Am I, Yoga and the Enlightenment Intensive

by Yoah Wexler

The Enlightenment Intensive Retreat is the Yoga of Enlightenment.

It is the transformational journey from the isolated, alienated and separate self into Unity Consciousness.

It is the journey of dissolving the root causes of psychological and emotional suffering and birthing a new happiness and contentedness.

Half a Century ago, Carl Rogers, the father of Humanistic Psychology, wrote that beneath each person's individual suffering was the question, "'Who am I, REALLY? How can I get in touch with this real self? ... How can I become myself?"

One hundred years ago, Ramana Maharshi, the modern Indian sage and 'who am I' guru, began to teach, "Meditate upon who you are.... know yourself and you will know everything."

About two thousand years ago, Patanjali, the ancient yoga sage and author of the Yoga Sutures wrote that the ultimate goal of Yoga was the conscious, direct knowing of the Self.

If You Have an Interest in Knowing Who You Really Are then you appreciate the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.

If you have an interest in the Yoga of Enlightenment and the transformational journey from isolated self to Unity Consciousness, then you would benefit from experiencing the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.

The Retreat is a pragmatic exploration of reality. It is not hypothetical, theological or ideological.
It is practical, active and engaging.

As a participant of the Enlightenment Intensive you bring unity to doing, knowing and loving.
You engage the body, mind and the heart.
You are the scientist and the experiment.
You are the poet, the philosopher and the explorer of consciousness.

At the Enlightenment Intensive you are encouraged to go beyond the realm of limited perceptual knowledge and venture into the mode of direct knowing.

This is the place where the realm of duality is dissolved.
Where the perceiver and the perceived become one.
Where the knower, the known and the knowing dissolve into Union Consciousness.

This is the place where separation ceases to exist.

This is the home of No Mind.

This is the Yoga of Enlightenment and the place where the secret of Yoga is revealed.