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About Yoah Wexler, PhD


About Yoah Wexler, PhD

Jack 1990It was in about November of 1968 that I first heard about the Enlightenment Intensive retreat that Charles Berner created. I was a student at San Diego State University when a friend introduced the Enlightenment Intensive and the dyad process to my circle of friends. For the next several months after being introduced to the Enlightenment Intensive and the dyad relating process many of us gathered together and practiced doing the 'who am I' enlightenment and relating dyads.
   It was only a few months earlier, on my 21st birthday that I experienced a spontaneous birthday gift.  A Zen Master might say it was the awakening of Buddha Nature, or my True Face. On that day I became conscious of directly knowing who and what I am. It was a moment of Divine Clarity and Enlightened Consciousness that so thoroughly pervaded my entire existence and fulfilled my soul's yearning for Union that it changed the direction of my life forever. It was an initiation into Divine Relating and a birthday present from all those beings and seekers of truth who had walked upon the earth and previously made the journey to the Land of a Thousand Buddhas. 
   That birthday present firmly put me on the path of enlightenment. Months later I learned that Charles Berner's first Enlightenment Intensive was being held on that very same summer day in July when I awoke to my True Nature. In that True Nature of Me, there was no me, only Consciousness of the One True Reality. No inside and no outside. No this and that. There was no separation. There was only Me. That state of consciousness I later learned is called enlightenment.
   A few years later, in 1974, I was practicing yoga, meditation and living the life of a wandering sadhu or spiritual aspirant.  One of the places I resided was on a property in the middle of the desert with a beautiful oasis of fruit trees, abundant water, desert sand, the sound of cicadas, coyotes, rattle snakes and the stunning dried out landscape of the San Andreas Foothills in the background. It was about 35 miles from Palm Springs and a half hour walk to the remote ancient Indian oasis that is known as 1000 Palms Canyon Oasis.
   I was travelling back to my sacred desert sanctuary from Los Angeles when I stopped at a health food store to pick up supplies. I saw a copy of the new age newspaper called The Movement. There was a photo of Charles Berner on the cover and an article about his recent pilgrimage to India, his new practice of Surrender Yoga and his encounter with his new teacher, Swami Kripalu. The article re-ignited my interest in travelling to the high desert retreat community that Berner had founded to take the next Enlightenment Intensive.
   I participated in the next Enlightenment Intensive which turned out to be amongst the most difficult things I had ever done in my life. In spite of that difficulty, the next day following the Enlightenment Intensive, I asked Charles if I could live and study there. He said, "Yes" and I moved onto the retreat property of the Institute of Ability becoming part of the dedicated community of lovers of enlightenment and seekers of truth.
   In 1980, after years of study, participating and helping with several Enlightenment Intensive retreats, I began to facilitate them myself.
   And now….approaching forty years later, my interest, enthusiasm and excitement about conscious direct knowing of who I am continues to flower and bear fruit as I continue to facilitate, practice, and teach the Enlightenment Intensive process.
I’ve been teaching, counselling and training others in personal and spiritual growth for over 40 years.  I began my formal study with Charles Berner and the Relating Dyad Practice at the Institute of Ability in 1974.  In 1971 I graduated from California State University at San Diego (BA) and  from the University for Humanistic Studies in 1980 (MA) and 1982 (PhD). My PhD doctoral dissertation involved a study of the stress reduction effects of hatha yoga. I facilitate Enlightenment Intensive Retreats and courses on a variety of subjects including communication, meditation and enlightened living. I’m the author of several audio and video programs on self improvement, spiritual growth and meditation.

You can view some of my video essays on YouTube: < http://www.youtube.com/user/zYoah > and I've published the following audio and print materials on Amazon.com:



Yoah can be contacted via email: yoah@selffoundation.com